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Why CHARBLOX? It's just smarter.

  • Longer Lasting

    Your fire will stay lit for up to 5 or 6 hours - more than lump and traditional briquettes. Choke the oxygen and get more than one use out of the SAME charcoal!

  • 100% Natural Hardwood

    CHARBLOX is made of ONLY natural woods, with no chemicals or fillers. Your fire will burn clean and free of toxins!

  • Made from Recycled Sawdust

    Unlike other charcoal, we do not cut down any trees. This is what makes CHARBLOX more eco-friendly than lump or briquettes!

Buy CHARBLOX Ultra Premium Cooking Charcoal - EcoFriendly, Longer Lasting


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Buy CHARBLOX Dragon Fire BAMBOO Charcoal - Stays Lit 6 Hours

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