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CHARBLOX Dual Pack Hardwood & Bamboo Ultra Premium Sustainable Grilling Charcoal

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Combo Pack includes Dragon Fire Bamboo Logs + Classic Hardwood Logs

An incredible charcoal choice for professional chefs and amateur grillers.

CHARBLOX charcoal logs are sustainably created, all-natural, powerful grilling charcoal made completely from Hardwood and Bamboo sawdust with no artificial chemicals. The result is more eco-friendly, longer lasting charcoal and smarter cooked, truly delicious food. Burning longer means virtually no refilling and monitoring while providing amazing hardwood flavor. Stop nursing your charcoal and enjoy your BBQs!
  • Super Hot. Burns hotter than any other charcoal (More than 8000kcal/kg!)
  • Charcoal 2.0. Average charcoal contains chemicals while lump charcoal burns out quickly. CHARBLOX is next generation charcoal.
  • Burns Longer. 1LB of CHARBLOX charcoal is equivalent in burn time to about 3-4LB (Hardwood) and 4-5LB (Bamboo) Average Charcoal.
  • Even Heat. Uniformly sized blocks allow for even distribution of heat.
  • 100% Natural. 100% Hardwood + Bamboo, recycled from whole lumber, no chemicals, no binders.
  • Clean Burn. Low ash and little to no smoke when cooking.
  • Reusable. Longer lasting means you are able to choke oxygen and reuse your CHARBLOX over and over.
  • Similar to Binchotan. More affordable alternative to Japanese Binchotan charcoal, used in yakitori cooking.
  • Extremely Versatile. Easily replace your old charcoal with CHARBLOX anywhere you currently use charcoal - grills, smokers, tandoori ovens, robatayaki and more.

Note: CHARBLOX is best lit using a charcoal chimney with firestarter. It may take a few minutes longer to get up to temperature due to its density but this is required to burn as long as it is. Broken down pieces work the same as whole blocks. In fact, some users prefer it for added surface area.